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Business before sentiments or how not everything in the NBA is a fairy tale 

Business before sentiments or how not everything in the NBA is a fairy tale


Sports is becoming more and more business, and one of the NBA`s picked basketball players has been convinced of this just seconds after hearing his name from League Commissar Adam Silver. Michelle Briggs of Vilanova was chosen from Philadelphia under No. 10, and that meant he would play in the home town team after he had been part of the college of Villaanova for the last three seasons and was back home again. The school is very close to the City of Brotherly Love, but after being taken by the Sikors, it seemed like the wing really came home.

Everything is surreal, said the excited mother of Bridget, who hardly kept up the emotions after the big event for her boy, and the situation was even more special because she worked for the SIXERS! The player himself was also very happy and at a press conference after his election he explained himself in love to Philadelphia just to get bad news a little later that night.

With the sixteenth choice in Draft, Phoenix chose Jayry Smith of Texas Tek and almost instantly sent him to Sixvers to get Bridges in return. So the two-time NBA champion was part of his home town for a very short time, and on his first night as a basketball player in the world`s strongest league he had to understand that the sentiments were in the background and everything was business.

The 201-inch Brides entered the NBA after 116 matches for Villaanova in college basketball. His strongest year came with his second Wildcards title won this season when he recorded 17 points, 5 3 rebounds and 1. 9 assists, as well as 1. 5 balls removed and 1. 1 umbrella at 435% success rate of the troika.

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