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Klap attacked Ramos for the injury of Salah from the WS final 

Klap attacked Ramos for the injury of Salah from the WS final


After a long silence on the subject of Sergio Ramos`s co-ordination with Mohammed Salah from the Champions League final, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klope was questioned during his press conference before Manchester United`s control in Michigan.
Of course I looked at the situation again. If you do it and you are not a fan of Real Madrid then you will think it is ruthless and brutal. You do not think Wow, that`s a good entry. It was brutal. I do not think that Mo would be in any such situation, but this time he was not lucky. But it is an experience we can not afford. I`m not sure this will happen again - to go and hit the elbow on the goalie, knock down your goalie as a fighter and then win. That was the match.

Ramos said many things I did not like. As a person, I do not like his reaction. He said Anyway, what they want so much. It`s normal. No, it`s not normal. If you collect all the situations with Ramos, and I`m looking at 5-year-old football, then you will see a lot of situations with his participation. People will say I`m weak that I complain and can not lose. Not so, I accept it. It`s not like waking up in the morning and thinking of Ramos. I`m fine with that, `said Clap, who added that Loris Karius`s mistakes in his goal during the final are as a result of a concussion.

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