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Spalets ran up to Gasperini and De Bour 

Spalets ran up to Gasperini and De Bour


Inter started Season 2018/19 in Series A quite disappointing. Nerazzurri won just one point in the first two rounds of Calcio, and the weak start put a lot of questions about Inter`s strength to fight for something more during the season in the Champions League. Late last night, the Luciano Spaleti-led team finished equally 2:2 with Turin, although he was on the two-goal lap. Of course, there were serious criticisms of Inter`s mentor, who came in a rather unpleasant ranking of coaches with the worst start of the Milan Grand Prix. Spaleti was appointed to Frank de Boer and Zhang Piero Gasperini after the loss of Sassuolo and the tie with Turin.


The name of the Dutch mentor is not one of the most loved by Inter fans. Rarely, the Nerazzur had begun the Serie A campaign with one point after the first two rounds. But this was achieved by De Bourgeon two years ago after a loss in his debut against Chievo with 2-0, and then a draw against Palermo. Then came the victory against Juventus with Giuseppe Meazza 2:1, which brought back the typhus enthusiasm until De Bourne was replaced by Stefano Piola after a series of poor results.


Before De Burre Gasperini gave the start of the unpleasant charts when he took over Inter during the 2011/12 season. Although he inherited a team with a lot of players from the great Trebble, Gasperini started his stay with Palermo with 4:3 and then with Roma. There was a serious slap from Novara with 3:1. It should be noted that Gasperini started from the second round in Serie A because of a strike that canceled the start of the season by one week. BACKGROUND


However, this is not the weakest start of the Inter in Serie A. In the 1983/84 season the non-races are led by Italian specialist Luigi Radici, who starts the campaign with two losses from Sampdoria andLazio. In these games Inter has 5 goals in his goal and scored only one.

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