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Mourinho wants to part with two to fund the attraction of one 

Mourinho wants to part with two to fund the attraction of one


Manchester United wants to split with two of his current defenders - Markos Rohho and Matteo Darmian - to finance the attraction of a new defender, the Albión press reported. A serious interest in the Argentinian national is showing from Wolverhampton, offering about 25 million pounds, a price that satisfies Red Devils, informs Telegraph. At the moment, Roco is considering the proposal, but he is not willing to leave Old Trafford and give up the contract he signed in March, which brings him about 160, 000 pounds a week to 2021.

Major candidate for Darmian is Italian champion Juventus, and the Apennines press announces the possibility of a right back to be part of a bigger deal involving Alex Sandro and a sum in extra charge. One of the main priorities for this transfer season by Jose Mourinho is the attraction of a central defender, with the top priorities being two - Toby Alderweiler of Tottenham and Harry Maguire of Leicester. For the Belgian, so far, there have been several rounds of talks between the two sides, but no understanding of the player`s price has been achieved, as Manchester United considers the £ 75 million demand for spurs to be heavily increased.

The foxes also desperately want to hold Maguire, who has performed well with the World Cup in Russia and is ready to make him the second-best player after Jamie Vardi. Leicester has already split up with one of his major players, Riyad Marse, who strengthens Manchester United`s city rival against £ 70m.

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