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Kahn`s inexperience and scarcity hinder Bayern 

Kahn`s inexperience and scarcity hinder Bayern


After the last referee`s signal at 1:1 against Ajax, Bayern Munich`s senior coach Niko Kovács seemed no less stunned by Allianz Arena spectators than his team`s strange performance. First of all, it must take a while to gather your thoughts, he told television reporters, not hiding his difficulties in realizing what he had just seen on the pitch.
Except for the strong first 15 minutes of the match, his alumni were so casual in the possession of the ball, disorganized in the passes and passive in defense that the guests from Amsterdam should have regretted that they only left with a draw. Kovac also admitted with his brutally sincere words that this was a winning point for us.
His players sang in the same tone. Yoshua Kimih pointed to the poor possession of the ball, Arien Robben -;eternal lag in any situation compared to young rivals, and Thomas Muller added:`We make a lot of mistakes, we do not hold the ball enough and we can not make a counter-play, so the game constantly runs from one field to the other, and vice versa. Ajax radiated the joy of touching the ball, we wanted more control.

The symptoms of the Bayern slump could easily be found. It is far more difficult, however, to find reasonable explanations for the sharp loss of form within only seven days.
Although the disappointments in the Bundesliga -;1:1 draw with Augsburg and 2:0 defeat to Hertha (Berlin) -;were left with ease with the transfer of blame on small problems such as too big rotation in the eleventies and negligence in the ending phase of attack, nothing had prepared Bayern for the complete game collapse on Tuesday evening. As Kovacs said, no one expected such a picture after the start with seven consecutive wins.
In these first weeks of the season, the players competed to praise the new mentor for his attention to detail and the great demands that were due to the significant improvement in pitch performance, partly reminiscent of the apogee at Josep Guardiola.

The big summer decisions of the club -;Kovac`s appointment and the postponement of the purge in the attacking unit for another year (Uli Hônes pledged the big spending on newcomers to be next summer);they seemed entirely justified then.
Tuesday night, however, he was painfully reminded of the squeaky heads at the VIP slots why he had so much anticipation around their moves before this season. The Ajax match revealed the biggest fears;and the inexperience of the newly appointed senior coach, and the wastage of performances with too many veterans, headed by Robben, a squad.
The poorly designed and selected central core of the team with Thomas Muller, Havi Martinez and Tiago Alcantara allowed the Dutch to direct the game to their hosts to the flanks. It was in this vital area that guests showed their most effective and dynamic face, while hosts were the opposite;cumbersome and blunted.

At times the bustle, the lack of speed in the last third and the constantly torn play of the Bayern ball strikingly

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