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The MLB trophy suffered after a beer cannon, six arrested on a parade in Boston 

The MLB trophy suffered after a beer cannon, six arrested on a parade in Boston


The excited Boston Red Sox fan hit the MLB Champions League lightly and hit it with a box of beer. The incident happened during the last night of the red socks, with which the baseball club had its triumph in the World Series, and it was not an isolated case. Excited because of their pets and further intoxicated by the amount of alcohol they took on Halloween in the morning, dozens of fans started to fire the open canoe vehicles. The idea of ??fans sharing their emotions and beer with the players and their families was frustrated by several hit passengers, including Red Sox manager Alex Cora. Serious injuries did not occur and the only real defeat was the broken trophy.

About six people were arrested, including a 17-year-old boy who had been found to be unauthorized pyrotechnics and drugs. Because of stolen beer cans of 19-year-old Patrick Connolly of East Sendwick, Massachusetts, the police accused of `violating public order, assaulting and using dangerous weapons. `According to Boston Globe, the teenager admitted guilty and said, `I love Alex Cora, I did not want to hit him. `

Otherwise, the parade on the central streets of Boston asit passed smoothly, even though hundreds of thousands of people stood along the track. The tour started by Fenway Park at the emblematic Lansdown Street and after a 5-kilometer transition ended at the corner of the Cambridge and New Courthouse streets. Despite the day of the parade, there were countless students and students from surrounding schools and universities. `I heard that there are only six people today at the time of history, and everyone else is here, ` said Max Coloneses, 16, of the Forty Hill suburb, `I will have a lot of homework when I go home but it`s worth it. `

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