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At last!  Chievo waited for her first victory 

At last! Chievo waited for her first victory


The Outsider in the `A` Chievo Series is coming to a first victory since the start of the season. Veteran Emanuele Djakeriri was scored by a foul in the 76th minute and the `flying ass` was forced 1-0 over Frosinone. The guests played with a man almost a whole second half after a red card by Marko Capuano. Despite the long-awaited success, Chievo is at the bottom with 8 points and Frosinone is on the penultimate 19th place with 10 points.

In the first few minutes, Kiévo`s goalie Sergio Pelicier got his shot at one goal but was bounced and returned to the pitch. It was the veteran who created the most problems for the protection of Frosinone. His transfer punch went centimeters above the beam, and in the middle of the half-time the 39-year-old striker headed the ball after cornering from corner and sent it to the door, but the shot was canceled because of a violation of goalkeeper Marco Sportiello. Chievo played boldly after the break, and in the 58th minute the Verona team received an additional boost after Marco Capuano of the guests was expelled. Now, the `flying ass` has been thrown into attacks, and Frosinone`s door has become hot.

In the 76th minute, Keevo received a foul in front of the penalty area and Djakerini skillfully swung the ball over the wall - 1:0. This was the second goal for the 33-year-old veteran during the season and thanks to him the hosts finished the year with a victory that gives them fragile hopes that they can escape from falling.





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