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Tottenham to persuade the Honorable to stay 

Tottenham to persuade the Honorable to stay


Staying or leaving? , Mauricio Pocetino wrote in his memories of the late 2013/14 season in Southampton, when the club quickly changed behind the scenes, and Daniel Levy made a huge effort to persuade him to move to Tottenham Hotspur.
Our leaving Southampton was a real saga. A bunch of tears were shed, the Argentine wrote in a very honest autobiography, The Honest New World, published last year.
But then he had the reasons for the bold decision. The president of the saints and his close friend, Nicholas Cortese, was kicked out by the owner Katarina Liebherr, many of his best players were on the doorstep, despite the effect of completing 8th place in Premier League, he was only 18months.
Levy will not have to browse the pages of Pocetino`s book to recall how difficult it is to attract a manager for whom emotional engagement is almost as important as financial reward. Even in Southampton, it was difficult to bring Argentine back in January 2013, even though he was unemployed at the time. Ultimately, the belief came with the help of his wife Carina and his faithful assistant, Jesus Perez. Onboard a privately-owned plane sent by Cortez to the coach, Honor told his assistants not to drink champagne and food to prevent the leaders of the London club from saying that they only came to live.

The man Manchester United wants today as his manager, the talented young coach in the center of the biggest saga I`m staying or heading for the season is a different character. The logic to leave is convincing and put it on our pages Jamie Carragher:United is just a bigger club than Tottenham, maybe even anybody else in the world considering its earnings. The counterpoint is that for years Old Trafford has no clear sporting-tech strategy and direction under the management of the Glazer and Ed Woodward family, and that it requires a huge staff and psychological repair to return to the league`s elite. And for the cover, it is not clear whether the board would have enough patience for a manager who did not create a miracle to make United not only force in England but also in the Champions League.
Levi knows that if he persuades Pocetino to stay, that would be the best move to put a pole in the wheels of the natural status quo in English football. Most of all, the President will know that he has a part in the character of his manager, who would also meet the most seductive promises of Old Trafford with stoic loyalty, willing to do right in the name of his colleagues.
As always in these supremacy games, when the biggest clubs try to squeeze players or sometimes managers from smaller ones, you may have the feeling of inevitability that everything is already behind the scenes, even though Argentine`s past is strongsuggests that he may be convinced to choose the unexpected move. In Southampton they remember an emotionally rude manager, agonizing at the thought of how to abandon his players and colleagues.
And if so after only 18 months at the saints, what would it be after four years?

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