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Manchester City beat Roderham with a goal fist at Etihad 

Manchester City beat Roderham with a goal fist at Etihad


Manchester City overcame the 3 rd round of the England Cup without any problem after breaking Rodderham with 7:0. Pep Guardiola`s players did not face problems and scored three hits in the first and another four in the second half. The Spanish mentor of the champions had a great deal of experience, but one of the greatest talents in English football, Phil Fodden, was also given a chance.

From the start of the game, Gabriel Jesse hit the bar after Kevin de Bruyne`s centering in the second minute. Less than a minute later, Rahim Stirling caught his eyes on the goalie but his ball was cleared at the last moment with a sword of a defender.

The 6th minute of Kevin de Bourne`s great pass was a brilliant shot of Sterling in the penalty area, the wing snatched a defender with great movement and sent the ball into the net behind the guests. In the 20th minute, Etihad`s viewers also witnessed a curious moment when the Chief Judge was injured and replaced by the fourth.

In the 30th minute, Ederson lost the ball after slowing down after rebounding, and only Johnson`s good positioning prevented the ball from entering the citizens` net. That`s how it came to the last few minutes of the first part when City players hit their shot. First in the 43rd minute Phil Fudden scored a great goal in the visitors` door after Gundogan`s great centering from inside the field.

Just two minutes later, the German national was excellent on the right, and his centering was unfortunately detected by the defender of hosts Semi Ajay. In the 52nd minute, the citizens rose to 4:0 after Gabriel Jezeuz scored the ball from a close distance, after a terrible breakthrough by Rahim Stirling eliminating Roderham`s entire defense and Jesse`s easiest. Just five minutes later, the English wing was replaced by Leroy Sane.

In the 73rd minute, an excellent double hand between Ilkay Gundogan and Riyad Macez put the second in the excellent position with the ball in the leg around the penalty shot and he sent it to the net with his left foot - 5:0. Just five minutes later, Gundogan`s glorious centering of the corner was unsold in the net by Nicholas Otamendi, and Argentina`s defender shifted to 6-0. 85th minute Liroy Sane adds his last hits to his team after his shot outside the penalty area encountered a defender`s leg and deviated unceremoniously for the guest`s goalkeeper.

At the very end of the game, Ederson saved Michael Smith`s head and managed to keep the net for his team. Pep Guardiola`s players have an eight-day rest and the next City game is home to Wolverhampton on January 14, Monday at 22:00. Your opponent in the next round of the England Cup will be drawn out tomorrow night after Liverpool`s visit to the wolves.


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