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Interview with Suarez:I do not have the ego to think I`m the best 

Interview with Suarez:I do not have the ego to think I`m the best


Luis Suarez has been busy lately:he is looking for flights, tickets and history. Against Alayes not only has his 21st goal in La Liga for the season, not only have the Barcelona route to the 4th championship for five years, and equaled the third place in the ranking of the club`s topoists with LashloThe Cubal, whose statue stands before Camp Nou. But there is more
Apart from the possible double on the home front, the blagranas are facing the two matches that will set their true season -;semi-finals in the Champions League against Liverpool. This means returning Suarez to Anfield, where the Uruguayan career was determined. In fact, returning will not only be his, but his whole family.
My children never go to wrestling games, but they want -he says, while pouring hot water into the yerba matte tea in a thermos, with the names of his children Delfina (8), Benham (6) and Lautaro. -;I spoke to my wife Sophie about Anfield, and they said, `And we are coming! . Well, all without Lauty, who made six months yesterday. Benha was very young but was born in Liverpool and knows his first stadium, he has seen pictures. Part of Delfi`s childhood has gone there, and he`s been excited for the first time by Liverpool football. Remember what it`s like to sing You Never Walk Alone, so you can imagine what this means to her.

The feeling will be strange, but also wonderful. I saw Kara (star Jamie Carragher) on Old Trafford and he was excited. Jordan (Henderson) is also there, and several of his friends came to El Classico. It would be nice to see people from the team, like Ray (Hotton) who took care of everything. I also receive regular reports from the lady in Melwood`s chair. She wants to see the kids. Always taking care of Delphi, taking her to the kitchen with her. It`s nice to come back.
But there will also be a game to play, a battle to be waged. Now you see me calm, relaxed, but when I play, I`m different. I`m glad I`ll be there as a Barcelona player, knowing exactly what our goals are. Once the game begins, friendship will be over -;no friends, none of those good memories. I am such a player and everyone knows it.
Oh, they know it! Liverpool loved his bold spirit and refusal to surrender, which brought them so close to the 19th title and made Suarez finally conceal his tears with his team at Selhurst Park. He says he may have adapted to his new responsibilities, but he has not changed much. But what has changed is Liverpool. And for good.
The ideal scenario for him is now the finals in the Champions League with Ajax (he calls his former team incredible), a treble for Barcelona and a title for Liverpool. I hope! , Pray. Now the reds are closest to the one after his departure, and he knows why they are the only team in the semifinals, putting the home scene to success over that in Europe after 29 years of torture. He has experienced this:the excitement, the hope, the need. Still, he sees little of that team in today`s. Not only because Henderson, Simon Minniele and Daniel Sturridge have remained since.

I understand what they are going through and can not be easy, but I think it was different to us because the situation was now or never! . We were on the brink

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