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Tukel:There is no conflict between Neymar and Babe 

Tukel:There is no conflict between Neymar and Babe


Paris Saint-Germain`s senior coach Thomas Tuchel did not hide that he was very disappointed after losing to Rehn in the French Cup final, but he did not think he was doing a bad job. The former Borussia Dortmund mentor also commented on the Neymar star`s statements to the media, as his ugly act after Saturday`s match. `Quiet silence in the locker room. I don`t know what the players are thinking, I`ll just see them tomorrow`s training. Neymar`s words? I understand what he meant, but it should remain inside the team, not at press conferences. ``There are football players in the team who hate to lose. I prefer to communicate with them personally, not through the press. There is no problem between Neymar and Kylian Mbabe, ` Tuchel was adamant.

`We have to talk to each other, but what we have said is not to leave the dressing room. We can argue, we have different opinions, but until then. I am not responsible for the organization of the club, I am responsible for the staff. I do not thinkI`m not naive. Here, Juventus has not been able to win the Champions League for years, but that doesn`t lead to drama, `the German continued. `I certainly did not like the fact that Neymar was a renegade of Ren. Such actions are unacceptable. It is not easy to accept a loss in the finals, but you must be able to show respect at such moments as well, ` Tuchel emphasized.

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