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Marot: Inter must build the mentality of a winner 

Marot: Inter must build the mentality of a winner


The new CEO of Inter Giuseppe Marotta shared his opinion on the performance of the team recently and in particular in the match with Empoli (1:0). He was pleased with the success but said the team still needed to build a mentality for the winner.

`The result is more important than the game in this match. We managed to get the three points, but we should not be proud, although we are in a good position in the standings. This match was a test we were able to take, but the diplomawe will get at the end of the season. We have to continue to work with hard work and motivation and continue to grow. The coach and the team deserve praise for the work they have done so far. This is also evident from the team rankings. , but overall the results are good. The team has the class, but it shouldto build the mentality of a winner. In certain games he just has to show strength and take the three points, although he doesn`t play well, `said Marotta.

He also shared his expectations for the coming 2019.

`I hope 2019 will be even better than 2018. I wish a happy New Year to all Inter fans and thank them on behalf of the team for their dedicated support. We will try to bring them even more joy in 2019I hope we have a chance together soon to celebrate winning something significant, `said the director.

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