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Shearer: Experience can help Manchester City fight for the title 

Shearer: Experience can help Manchester City fight for the title


English football legend Alan Shearer shared his opinion on this year`s Premier League title fight between Manchester City and Liverpool. According to him, citizens have a slight advantage because of the experience they have in such situations. `If you look at the next two or three games, this is not a bad point program, ` Shearer said of the program of the Citizens who play with Wolverhampton, Huddersfield and Newcastle. They have been in a similar situation before and know how to make a difference. Less than that, experience is of the utmost importance, says Shearer. At the same time, however, he did not write off Liverpool, thinking that there would be a big role for manager Jurgen Klop.

When you lose an important match, you have to look ahead, but the manager who has to take the pressure off the players will play a big role. When we were in a similar situation with Blackburn, Kenny Dalglish played a huge role in succeeding. Until then, we had never been in such a situation, we had not led in the standings, but behind us was Manchester United. In this case, Liverpool is at the forefront, with Manchester City and Tottenham behind. I know that Clope was in a similar situation in Dortmund, but Liverpool is a bigger club and expectations are much higher here. Therefore, its role will be very important in the coming months. He needs to take the pressure off because there will undoubtedly be a lot of pressure on the players, the legendary golaji added.

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