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Kyle Walker at the heart of Man City`s twist 

Kyle Walker at the heart of Man City`s twist


Manchester City did not play one of their strong matches, but it came to a twist and a 2-1 victory over Southampton. Guardiola`s team allowed a goal in the 13th minute when Ward-Prase opened the score. The Citizens didn`t have much idea how to break through the opponent`s defense, but in the 70th minute Aguero equalized with the first straight shot to the Saints` door. Kyle Walker, who assisted on the first goal, became a hero four minutes before the end, after scoring the winning goal.

Thus, City maintained the distance from the leader in the ranking of Liverpool, which won at the end of his visit to Aston Villa. The difference is six points, and next Sunday the two teams face off against Anfield.

Guardiola`s team controlled the events on the pitch in the first minutes, but there was no typical aggression in the team game and he did not create position after position. In the second minute Aguero shot his head from a good position but the ball went wide of the goal.

The Saints defended themselves deeply, doing very well in the beginning. In the 13th minute, they were surprisingly able to lead. Stuart Armstrong`s blow was reflected by Ederson. However, the goalkeeper did not do very well as James Ward-Prime reached the ball and sent it into the net.

The home side had a serious advantage in possession of the ball, but had trouble breaking through the defense of the opponent. Despite the presence of many creative midfielders, such as David Silva and De Broyne, the situation at Southampton`s door was too small. It wasn`t until the 39th minute that Gundogan`s centering was found by Stones, but his header went over the door. At this point, City did not have an accurate punch in the outline of the door. The visitors did strike shortly before the break, but the shot from Ings did not hinder Ederson.

After the break, the difference was that the pressure from the `citizens` increased and the guests pulled back. McCarthy`s real head-to-head situations were gone. Southampton defended well and prevented the opponent from threatening the goalkeeper. Man City, on the other hand, did not play and the usual combinations did not work. However, the ball was constantly in Guardiola`s players and in the 70th minute they came to evening. Walker overtook an Outline ball and sent it with a sharp pass to Aguero, who scored it for 1:1.

The hit slightly swayed the Saints. McCarthy had to deliver a hard shot to Bernard Silva. The guest keeper did great, but a little later created problems for his team. He grabbed the ball with his hands after Bednarek handed it back to him. From the free kick after two passes, De Broyne fired, and the ball went past the left beam.

Four minutes before the end, the patience of the hosts was rewarded. Angelino`s centering was reflected by McCarthy on the path of Kyle Walker. The defender managed to send her to the net and bring victory to his team. After the lead, the hosts decided to keep their lead in the final minutes, which led to some nervous moments, but without real danger at their door.


0:1-Ward-Pro (13)

1:1-Aguero (70)

2:1-Walker (86)


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