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Ashley Young: When Solskjaer comes, it`s like Ferguson is back 

Ashley Young: When Solskjaer comes, it`s like Ferguson is back


Despite a difficult start to the season for Manchester United, team captain Ashley Young believes that mentor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the same influence on players as in club legend Sir Alex Ferguson in the past. When Solskjaer took over the team, it was as if Ferguson had crossed the threshold again. The same traits, the same mentality of the winner, the same desire and thirst. He has been here as a player and knows what the team is all about. This is exactly what the club wanted and sometimes in training you can see how he wants to put his buttons on and join us. It`s fantastic.

It is obviously difficult for us. In some games we lead 1-0, then we finish evenly and feel as if we have lost. But there are indications that things are improving and we have shown it over the last few weeks. We just have to lead in the result. Then we look like a much better team. When we score an early goal, especially if it happens tomorrow, there is still much to be noted. It would give more confidence to all of us and we would enter the series. Everyone has a say, but I know what I see every day as I work hard on the training ground. I know that we can go out and get good results. So far, we haven`t done as well as we wanted. We had a mini-series of wins, but the loss from Bournemouth will not demotivate us. We have a big game tomorrow - we have to qualify ahead. `Then we have some duels we think we can win, ` Young said at a news conference before the Europa League game against Partizan.

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