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Interactive Tennis begins 2020 with a tournament on January 6th 

Interactive Tennis begins 2020 with a tournament on January 6th


Interactive tennis will begin in 2020 with a race as early as the first week of January. The first evening tournament, category ITL 125, started on January 6 in TC 1882. The entry for beginners is open until January 3, and the format is the usual for these races - 2 short tie sets to 4, and for the third set - `champion tiebreaker`. The advanced teams will start their matches on 13 January and the advanced teams a week later. The schemes are open to men and women and the opening hours of the meetings are 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Controversial matches await Interactive Tennis, as league friends are in top form and most of them do not leave the Rockets on holidays. The latest tournament, organized by ITL for 2019, will be held on December 28 and 29 and is the brainchild of the MG MG Club. On the first day of the MG Open 2019 forces will measure the beginners, and on the second on the courts will come all comers regardless of their skills. The schemes are already full and players are ready for battle. In the First Evening Tournament for 2020, amateurs will change the Green Set flooring with glue and have a chance to show off skills to quickly adapt to the workload after the New Year holidays.

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