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A snowman dressed as a football player crushes Lamborghini 

A snowman dressed as a football player crushes Lamborghini


West Ham footballer Mikael Antonio has become a star in England over the holidays after crashing with his Lamborghini worth around 250, 000. On Christmas Eve, the attacking midfielder, dressed as a snowman, lost control of his car and rammed into a fence in a house in South London. Antonio got away without any injuries and even two days later recorded a full 90 minutes for his team in a match with Crystal Palace.

Witnesses say that at 18:30, Antonio hit the fence at a speed of just over 60 km / h. Then he got out of his expensive vehicle and started talking on the phone. The other person on his line seemed to be scolding him because he was just shouting I`m not stupid and I have no fault, says the owner of the damaged property, Kia Rosina. The 20-year-old teacher said Antonio initially refused to even apologize, but later it became clear that the player still promised to cover all the damage.

Police in the English capital have confirmed the incident, but said there would be no investigation.

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