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The rift in the Chicago Bulls continues 

The rift in the Chicago Bulls continues


The problems in the relationship between the management and the players of the Chicago Bulls obviously do not intend to stop. A new dose of information shows that the governing bodies of the organization express their unwillingness to listen to the concerns of the basketball players, most of them related to the necessary dismissal of head coach Jim Boylon.

Chicago Sun Times journalist Joe Cowley reports that neither the concerns of star Zack LaVine nor those of some veterans and recruits are taken seriously by the new leadership in the face of vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnishovas and general manager Mark Eversley.

Boylon has been repeatedly linked to a safe departure, but there has been no movement on this issue for months. It is clear that the 55-year-old specialist does not have the full support of his players, but the management probably thinks in a different way, which will not please either the basketball players or the bull fans. Under the leadership of the Boylon Bulls, they won only 39 of their 123 games, and the scandals in the team may reach the number of matches won, if the coach remains for next season.

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