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A new COVID-19 nest is being formed in St.  Louis, MLB talks about stopping the season 

A new COVID-19 nest is being formed in St. Louis, MLB talks about stopping the season


The St. Louis Cardinals are emerging as a new breeding ground for the coronavirus infection in Major League Baseball. Four members of the team - one player and three members of the coaching staff, gave positive tests on Saturday, and today the results of the mass survey conducted at the club on Sunday are expected to be announced. Although management declined to comment in advance, ESPN sources have already said there are `many new positive samples`. At the moment, the entire Chink team remains isolated in Milwaukee, where they had to play three regular-season games against the Brewers over the weekend.

However, they were all postponed - one on Saturday and two by a double header on Sunday. Thus, the total number of matches dropped out of the program for the weekend due to COVID-19 swelled to eight, or 1/4 of all 32 scheduled matches. A total of six teams (exactly 20% of the MLB) were forced to rest this weekend - in addition to St. Louis and Milwaukee, these were quarantined Miami Marlins and his rival Washington National, as well as the isolated Philadelphia Phillies and his rival Toronto BlueJace. Last week, 18 Marlin players and two Philite employees were infected after a series between the two teams.

The deepening crisis has prompted the league to talk about a possible end to the season just a week after its four-month delay. On Friday, Commissioner Rob Manfred warned union chief Tony Clark that the championship could be halted if baseball players do not start adhering more closely to hygiene and safety protocols. `The situation right now is day-to-day, ` Manfred said late last night. `We just need to wake up in the morning and find a way to move forward by ensuring people`s safety. We`re playing for now. Baseball players need to be moreresponsible, but I generally don`t give up easily and there`s no reason to give up at the moment. We need to be flexible, but we can handle it. `


American League

Baltimore Orioles - Tampa Bay Flight 5:1

Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox 2:9

Minnesota Twins - Cleveland Indians 3:1

Los Angeles Angels - Houston Astros 5:6 (11 innings)

Seattle Mariners - Auckland Atletico 2:3

New York Yankees - Boston Red Sox 9:7

National League

Atlanta Braves - New York Mets 4:0

Miami Marlins - Washington Nationals postponed (COVID-19)

Milwaukee Brewers - St. Louis Cardinals postponed (COVID-19) *

Milwaukee Brewers - St. Louis Cardinals postponed (COVID-19) *

Chicago Cubs - Pittsburgh Pirates 2:1 (11 innings)

ColoradoRokis - San Diego Padrewith 9:6

Arizona Diamondbacks - Los Angeles Dodgers 0:3


Detroit Tigers - Cincinnati Reds 3:4 (7 innings) *

Detroit Tigers - Cincinnati Reds 0:4 (7 innings)) *

Toronto Blue Jays - Philadelphia Phyllis postponed (COVID-19)

San Francisco Cants - Texas Rangers 5:9


* Doubleheader

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