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Ibrahimovic: I`m exhausted, I can`t take it anymore 

Ibrahimovic: I`m exhausted, I can`t take it anymore


Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave another interview recently. One of the questions was related to the fact that the 39-year-old striker is currently far from his family, who lives in Sweden, while the experienced striker is in Milan.
Asked by 7Corriere if he missed his family, Ibrahimovic replied: `Very, very much. I`m exhausted, I can`t take it anymore. I`d like to stay with my wife and my children - Maximilian and Vincent, who are 14 and 13 years old and live inSweden: Did I try to travel there from time to time? Believe me, I tried. However, Stefano Pioli told me that I could not travel and that I had a family at Milanello as well. here they are 25 and they need me. Do I have high expectations of my sons? And I expect discipline from them. When they play football, I don`t evaluate them as a father, but as a footballer. Above all, they shouldn`t do it for me. enjoy the game? Do they show passion? Do they train seriously? If so, then everything is fine. `

Meanwhile, Zlatan sent a strange Christmas wish on social media. The experienced goal scorer posted a picture of his middle finger and wrote: Merry Chriztmaz (Merry Christmas), replacing some of the letters of the second word.

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