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Koeman: I need to talk more seriously with Laporta 

Koeman: I need to talk more seriously with Laporta


Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman said he had not yet spoken in depth with the club`s new president, Joan Laporta. According to the Dutchman, the two should soon sit down and discuss all important issues, but the most important thing at the moment is tomorrow`s match with Huesca. If the Catalans manage to beat the latter in the standings, they will be only four points behind the leader Atletico Madrid, who yesterday made a mistake a step against Getafe.

`I haven`t talked much with Laporte. During the trip to Paris we talked briefly about some things, but we need to meet to talk in more depth. Now is not the time to discuss this topic, because these are clubthings.

Atletico is losing points? I don`t want to comment on the other teams. We have to watch ourselves. Tomorrow we have a match to win. That`s the most important thing. They also had a match yesterday that they had to win, butThey lacked efficiency, the same thing happened to us, Atletico is a very strong team and we have to fight to the end Nagelsman comments on rumors about Barcelona

Julian Nagelsman: `Nagelsman`s reaction was very good, but it`s not interesting. I can`t discuss all the names of coaches or players that journalists mention. This is for the press. You have to fill the pages of newspapers every day, which is not so easy. I have a contract `.

Koeman: I need to talk more seriously with Laporta

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