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Ghent without two key players against Levski 

Ghent without two key players against Levski


Ghent coach Frankie Dyuri can not rely on two of its key players for the upcoming visit of the group stage of Europe League against Levski.

Outside accounts Dyuri permanently injured Roy Miri and Christoph Lepoan.

To match with the Blues in game returning experienced player Bernd Thijs and Marko Suler.

Group of Ghent is the following 20 players:

Boyan Yorgachevich, Sebastien Brutseze, Adriano Duarte, Marco Suler, Steph Vils, Randall Asofeyfa, Bernd Thijs, Erlend Hanstveyd, Yaya Sumaoro Mario Baric, Christoph Kranden, Tim Smolders, Fernando Pereira Wallace, Yassin El Ghanasi, Steen De Smet, Shlomi Arbitman , Elymas Kulibali, Zlatan Lyubyankich, Ibrahim Sori Conte, Frank Boeks.

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