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In England broke to praise the  

In England broke to praise the "brilliant, five-star Berba after his five goals


Dimitar Berbatov and his incredible five goals are the leading material in the Sunday editions of almost all the English media. Newspapers, which generally broke to criticize the Bulgarians, this time it bombarded with praise for his superb play and unique achievement.

"For United, and Berbatov in particular, it was one of those days where everything is received as it should, otherwise critical comment on the Sun.

With his performances earned Berba and the definition of "five star" lepnato by almost all media in the UK.

"Dimitar Berbatov at the top" (Daily Express), "star Berba sent United to the top" (Daily Mail), "Brilliant Berbatov scored five and send Manchester United top the league" (New York Post) are just a few of the titles for Bulgarians.

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