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Party till dawn screwed Spain vs Argentina 

Party till dawn screwed Spain vs Argentina


Argentinean tabloid darling of Christian Fabiani made scandalous revelation of his control between Argentina and Spain a week ago. La Fourier lost 1:4, and it turned out that there is a clear reason - the players partying until the wee hours before the friendly match.
Fabiani said that he saw with his eyes Spaniards in the disco at night, and they are great fun, with enthusiasm, which is usually kept for their performances on the pitch.
Fabiani is himself a frequent visitor to nightlife in Buenos Aires, and knowing where the hottest spots of the city.
"Do not tell me that they are great professionals of us South Americans," Fabiani exploded in the radio interview this morning. "They're so good to be partying at the club the night before the match with Argentina, the chains broke," he said. "You can imagine when finally been uploaded on the speakers and danced! Were fantastic! "

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