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Lothian: It was not talking about title 

Lothian: It was not talking about title


Lazio president Claudio Lothian argues that it is still too early to talk about the battle for the title. His team is second in Serie A, three points behind AC Milan, but boss does not want to comment on the chances of success. After a 3:1 victory over Inter Milan at Lazio spirit is lofty, but Lottie soon calm him down.
"I'm happy because we have a united team with confidence," said Lottie. "Title? This word for now is not part of our vocabulary. Play match game, and maybe if we can keep this form will delight fans finally. "
Juventus, three points behind Lazio's next rival of the Romans, in a direct clash for second place. "The next match will tell whether we can we measure with Milan," said Lottie. "We are playing a very strong opponent and will be very difficult."

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