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Rafa Benitez: My future does not depend on the Club World 

Rafa Benitez: My future does not depend on the Club World


Inter coach Rafael Benitez said that his future does not depend on whether we won the World Club Championship. Spanish specialist is being attacked from all sides last night after a loss from Werder Bremen in the Champions League definitely has nothing to worry. However, he demonstrated complete peace, and believes that the loss of 0:3 in Bremen does not matter as Inter still continues, albeit as second in the group.
"This game was irrelevant," said Benitez. "It was important game with Twente. Then we were able to test young players and all were healthy after the game. "
Benitez left many of their stars to rest against Werder Bremen in order to preserve them for Club World.
"Our goal of course is to win. There will be a lot of changes. I do not know who will be the decisive player, I want the team to perform well overall, "commented coach for the upcoming mini-tournament.
"Now I worry only about the next game. Whether you change your socks for luck? It is a matter of socks, and injuries and other problems. Whether my future depends on the Club World? I do not think "finish Rafa Benitez.

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