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Genoa coach changed after two rounds 

Genoa coach changed after two rounds


Only two rounds after the start of the season, Genoa is about to change his coach Dzhanpiero Gasperini. According to the information already waiting David Balardini dismissal of his colleague to take over.
In the summer Genoa threw quite funds buying Luca Toni, Miguel Veloso, raffinate and Eduardo. After the loss of Kiev over the weekend, however, angry club president Enrico PREZIOSI give clear that it is not satisfied. In today's already claimed that boss is ready to release Gasperini.
According Datasport, PREZIOSI has made the decision according to his coach only change returns team at the right time. The chosen to replace David Gasperini is Balardini, who still has a contract with Lazio, but leads the team. Another option is Walter novelist who is entirely free.

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