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Henry injured goalkeeper with joy after a goal 

Henry injured goalkeeper with joy after a goal


Striker of the U.S. New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry injured goalkeeper Kevin Hartman Dallas once kicked the ball of joy after his team hit.

Mehdi Baluchi scored for the Red Bulls just before the break, which equals 1:1, but in the joy of naked Henry kicked the ball hard. Dallas goalkeeper Hartman put his foot on the path of the ball and injure his knee. After the match it became clear that the watchman was stretched links.
"Sometimes I like to kick the ball back into the net after a goal," said Henry after the game. "He put his foot on the other side and got an injury. On holiday I went to him and apologized because he wanted to happen. I told him sorry and he accepted my apologies. Very unpleasant incident, "said the French striker.
Hartmann did not blame Henry for what happened. "I'm not sure exactly how this happened," said the watchman. "We have made our goal and I wanted to come back faster ball to center to resume the game. Henry, however, in January kicked before me and unfortunately I got injured, "added Hartman.

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