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Future of Mihailovich to Fiorentina is not in question 

Future of Mihailovich to Fiorentina is not in question


Former Fiorentina president and a shareholder in the club Andrea Della Valle, said Sinisa Mihajlovic do not have to worry about his future at the club despite a poor start to the season. The young coach lifted high the bar, before the beginning of the year announced that it wants a place in the Top 4 of Italy but now I see that maybe is too small to expectations.
However, Della Valle said that the club does not think to part with Mihailovic.
"The situation is calm at the club. Nobody doubts the Mihajlovic. The team is also completely calm, "said the boss. "We will face Lazio without tension. It is quick to forget the loss of Lecce. It was a poor game, and so. "
"Do not ever think about the future of Ricardo Montolivo. There is time. Let us first solve the remaining problems, "added Della Valle, after speculation why Montolivo refused to sign long term contract with Fiorentina.

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