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Montolivo prepodpisva his Fiorentina 

Montolivo prepodpisva his Fiorentina


Shareholder to Fiorentina, and former president of the team, Andrea Della Valle, expects midfielder Riccardo Montolivo violet to sign a new contract without a problem.

25-year-old Italian international has been linked with a move to other clubs, having postponed its decision for endorsement of a new contract with the team from Florence.

"I spoke to Montolivo, there will be no problem in renewing the contract, but now we have priorities that need to chase," said Della Valle.

One of these priorities will be better results on the pitch after the club has only one point after their first two games in Serie A.

"We have to forget the ugly match against Lecce. Fiorentina are confident and I expect a great response, even if we must be patient, "said Andrea Della Valle.

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