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Mendesh Balakov wants to coach Sporting 

Mendesh Balakov wants to coach Sporting


One of the candidates for president of Sporting Lisbon - Abrantesh Mendesh, Krassimir Balakov wants to become coach of the Lions if he won the election for a new club boss. Mendesh relies on Balakov in the battle to win votes as tarnovetsat was a favorite of fans of the Portuguese giants, while wearing green and white jersey and still has great prestige among the fans. According to the newspaper "A Bola" Abrantesh Mendesh already been contacted by an unemployed Bulgarian specialist, but Ball still has not given an unequivocal answer that will take over Sporting Lisbon, as prefers to first take the club elections. Krassimir Balakov, who was the last coach-manager of Chernomorets Bourgas, playing stadium Avalade Jose from 1991 to 1995, as in 138 league games crashed 43 hits with the team of the Lisbon giants.

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