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The owner of Fulham fans sent  

The owner of Fulham fans sent "hell" for Jaco


Fans of Fulham, who murmured against previously placed the statue of Michael Jackson at the stadium of the club were "sent to hell" in the club's owner Mohammed Fayette.
Supporters openly showed their dissatisfaction with the expression of respect for the pop idol. During a home game against Blackpool (3:0), fans designated as distasteful placing the statue, which has nothing to do with football. For its part, boss of the team not om stay required. Mohammed Fayette eccentric even posing proudly in front of her on the eve of the meeting.
Jaco, created dozens of hits including Bad and Beat It, was a friend of the Egyptian tycoon, but the only known occurrence of the two media together was in 1999 when the singer attended the match against Wigan.
However, 78-year-old Fayette Mohammed said: "Fulham fans will be loving it. If some stupid fans can not understand and appreciate what a gift to hell. If they do not understand and believe in such things, they can go to Chelsea, can go where they want. "
Mohammed Fayette shared that he said people from all over the Kingdom will come to be photographed with the statue, which cost 100,000 pounds.

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