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Rio: Berba scored many goals, but Nani gives us magic 

Rio: Berba scored many goals, but Nani gives us magic


Nani is my player of the year in England, said the Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand for the official magazine of the Reds'. Mourinho is one of the favorites for the prize of the PFA player of the year after a great season. Tottenham winger Gareth Bale and Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri had the lens of the cameras earlier in the season, but Ferdinand Nani left both in their shadows. Dimitar Berbatov is also a contender for the prize with his 20 goals in the Premiership, but Ronaldo has recorded 16 assists in the race. The winner of the chart is selected by vote of the players and although the defender can not vote for his teammate, he hopes to win the prize. "Nani is my player of the year. Talk about Samir Nasri Gareth Bale in the last few months, but Nani beat both of them. He was our most productive player, no doubt," said Ferdinand. In his contribution Berbatov was also important, but the magic of Ronaldo was special. "Berba scored many goals, but when we had magic, Nanny was the person who gave it to us. A player like him can make me get up from his seat.'s Exciting to watch and he always wants to dribble his opponent. He always wants the ball, is impetuous and scored regularly. I do not think gets enough praise. Many people ignore it, but I do not think anyone was better than him this season, "added the defender.

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