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Carragher: Liverpool can still qualify for Europe 

Carragher: Liverpool can still qualify for Europe


Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher remains optimistic about the chances of the team to qualify for Europe League next season. According to the experienced player, Liverpool will beat Manchester City in the upcoming duel between two teams.

To secure participation in Europe, Liverpool must finish in fifth place, which is currently Spurs with 5 points more than the Reds.

"I do not think I lost an additional point with that late goal (in the match with West Bromwich b.r.) will change how we finish at the end of the season. We still have to catch up with the Spurs, they finished only draw (to Wigan).

"On several occasions this season we thought we give up chances for Europe. But then doing some good results and you think you have a chance again. "

"We beat Manchester United, having lost to West Ham hope to do the same against Man City. This is a very important game for us. City spends a lot of money and are a team full of many stars, but hopefully this is a match with which to back the right way after the loss. Forthcoming us some great matches, unfortunately we have some injuries and is now even more important to be together until the end of the season, "added Carragher.

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