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Redknapp: I hope the week is bad for Jose 

Redknapp: I hope the week is bad for Jose


Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp looks confidently into tomorrow's clash with Real Madrid in the Champions League. Spurs visit the Santiago Bernabeu, but by no means intend to be closed and guarded door. On the contrary, Redknapp wants from his players to attack as often as possible and quickly.
"There is no tension. And no, nobody expected us to get there early in the season. But now even have a chance to win the Champions League, "Redknapp told the official press conference before the meeting.
"We came here just for participation. We want to move forward. We still have his dream, and you must come true. We want to get as far as possible. We know how difficult it would be, but we have a chance, and will use it, "explained the experienced professional.
"I can not sit in front of you and to explain that I was delighted that Ronaldo will play," said Redknapp recovery Real Madrid star Ronaldo before the collision. "He is a fantastic player. He and Lionel Messi are the two best in the world. "
Real coach Jose Mourinho expressed his admiration for Redknapp earlier today, and his English colleague returned the gesture. "Nine years unbeaten at home, what a record!," Said Redknapp of Mourinho's achievement, which ended Saturday. "We often walk home with a loss at home, and he did not take nine years! But now he knows how we feel. Hope the week is bad for him. I respect a lot Jose because of what was achieved. I was not surprised that Inter won the Champions League last year. I thought I would do it because he was their coach. "

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