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Fergie: The referee was down to Rooney 

Fergie: The referee was down to Rooney


The referee, whose report led to the punishment of Wayne Rooney after the match with West Ham, was placed under pressure, says Sir Alex Ferguson. Referee Lee Mason did not see the incident after the third goal striker in the door of the Hammers, but local media reported that he said he would expel the offender, if it was seen to swear. This recognition came just before the FA to impose punishment Rooney's two games. "I think that Mason was put under pressure ... It is hard to imagine how a referee can expel the player that has scored a hat-trick," said Ferguson. He added: "But he put in the spotlight and if it was driven player for swearing, then the question would be whether he will double standards? Boy fell into a very complex situation, it sympathize, really. I do not know how his career will continue on this time. But I think he was put under pressure. Rooney, who apologized for the incident, however, was banned for two games and will not play against Fulham on Saturday and next week's match with Manchester City in the FA Cup. Fergie added: "I can not say whether it is right to continue to use the word 'fair'. We appeal, and the boy apologized. Do not expect any result from the application to tell the truth. We are disappointed but we will overcome it will are united because we have a great team and players who are willing to give away to the last.'ll be a tough opponent to beat, that's for sure. "

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