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Schalke coach: Noyer save us from humiliation 

Schalke coach: Noyer save us from humiliation


Schalke coach Ralf 04 Rangnik said goalkeeper Manuel NOyer saved his team from a real humiliation in the Champions League semifinal against Manchester United. The Red Devils are forced to 2:0, and goalkeeper of the hosts showed fantastic game, saving impossible situations.

"We started the game well but then everything collapsed," said Rangnik.

"Leave them too many empty spaces and if it was not Manuel Noyer, the holiday would be behind at least three goals. He is the best goalkeeper in the world but does not need to see it tonight to confirm it, "continued specifications.

"Watching his development over the past few years, he is the supreme class. In United's goals just stood and watched from the side. You can not do such things. We will not surrender. Manchester has a better chance to qualify for the finals, but in football happen and miracles. However, it should improve your performance, "said Schalke coach.

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