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Gong for Danchev: Negotiations there was no claim Berbatov at United without financial claims 

Gong for Danchev: Negotiations there was no claim Berbatov at United without financial claims


Manager Dimitar Berbatov - Emil Danchev, gave an exclusive interview, which talks about the future of the Manchester United star. The agent said that negotiations so far to extend the contract of the Bulgarian striker was not. Emil Danchev clear that Dimitar Berbatov wants to stay at the club and if it comes to conversations with management, the footballer would not arises unenforceable clauses, including a financial nature.

- Emo, first of you expect details about the next release in England, in the case of agency, that any negotiations failed to extend the contract of Berbatov to Manchester United. Is it true?
- Hi, Tome, good afternoon, and the listeners of Darik radio. This simply can not be true because there were no negotiations. So when there is no negotiation, they can not fail or to succeed. But I want to broaden the topic a little, because to me, and Mitko start us come a little bit these Pisanitsa for posting it somewhere for negotiations calls for failed calls for pay. Including indiscriminate and cite any figures. Necessary at this stage of negotiations or talks to the contract Mitko just gone. Once again I want to say clearly and precisely - Dimitar is under contract, acting contract until 2012 with Manchester United and the club is entitled to the option if you decide to extend it for another year. If the club decides to extend the contract to confirm, only then there will be any talks regarding all issues in a possible future extension, including the duration and financial parametersnd. But at this stage and especially in this time when Man fights for two prestigious awards, just is not necessary and I, respectively Mitko, we must be complete idiots to insist that to happen right now, when the entire staff and players should be concentrated on what they are.
- Can you say that things are moving on schedule and no delay for any negotiations. Something that many in Britain are now claiming to be discharged terms of keeping the new negotiations.
- Things just follow their natural course. Neither is there gain or delay of one such conversation in this situation in which Mitko. Ie I repeat once again, in a situation where after the current contract, the club has the right to propose an option for another year. There is no template, talks on this issue is resolved and the initiative must be at the club. There are no requirements about when to do so. I guess that in the coming months this will probably happen, since experience shows that in that case talks are held somewhere between year and six months before the current contract, so do not rush to nowhere. Mitko has been fully relieved after what I will say a little later about what happened on that notorious match against Manchester City. Most likely by the end of the week will be ready. And then the decision will be Sir Alex Ferguson when to give him a chance or when to include it as a starter, or possibly a slightly later stage of development of the next matches. What happened to Manchester City, to break with these fantasies and development topics for inclusion inbecause of his negotiations, as hitherto there have been no need at this stage there is that Mitko get sore groin in the adductor. This is normal, common among players, especially at higher loads ailments. And she disappears. I on Saturday and Sunday I was in Manchester and even before the match with Everton I found him in the procedures that the medical service of the club made to accelerate the fading of that injury. At the end of the match and after the game we were together, spoke on many issues. It is gratifying that the injury goes away, although he was aware and told me that most likely will not be in the group match with Schalke. After I came, I spoke with him. He has two days resulted in normal training weekend will be completely restored. So any developments on the topic and fantasies - coaching injury, putting him on the bench for any negotiations ... I've already read and laugh.
- He is what state of mind is, assuming the adductor be reimbursed? I reflected his two misses against the City because they were praised almost, though last night and United almost set a record for flaws before scoring both goals.
- See Tome. Mitko is aware and we talked on this issue that it was to him as a foreigner who has reached almost the top of football in England, given the opportunity to become a scorer and Premiarliyg, as it will focus the spotlight for this reason is one and again because it is still a foreigner. And he knows, and no matter how uncomfortable it is, now convened in this thing. After the match with Manchester City had two or three games that United play, and notSmallest class teams make gaps, but they are British, they are players from the national team and quite normal to be spared more of it. Sorry, something to him, in the Bulgarian media does not always happen, but this is another topic and does not need to talk about it. Mitko has calmed. He is waiting for the chance and will try to increase still asset of 21 goals to ensure their next higher step, which I hope will build, namely, top scorer Premiarpiyg. So things as talking with him completely under control and there is no room for worry or for people who sympathize with him and love him nor to others who criticize him are justified or not sometimes. Just everything is under control, as we joke.
- At the same time, those 10-15 days of the match with City came out the names of at least four German and five Italian and six or seven Turkish club, who immediately requested Berbatov. Is there anything similar? Got information? You enter bids at United? I extend to you? Or are all works?
- All are aware that if this offer has any club contact, mandatory second country, after Manchester United, which will have to call and call, so we Mitko. Because under the rules, a player can not be sold without his consent. And if any club wants a player, he was Mitko or someone else would have to talk to the player or his agent on many issues to have confidence that in the event of an agreement between the clubs has the consent of the player itself. Such calls are notconducted, but on the other hand, Mitko, regardless of everything that is written and regardless of his 30 years would normally be tasty morsel for many clubs. Another question is whether he would wish to initiate such talks, but such formal talks have not hitherto been.
- Do you think in percentages, what are the chances of Berbatov to continue his contract with Manchester United this summer or autumn?
- You know very well that I am not someone who plays Eurofootball, lottery or any other gambling games. So chances can not talk, but until that will talk about this option has a lot of time. Mitko's desire, I'm told, and he said it repeatedly, is to finish his career at Manchester United. But let's be patient when it came this time to keep talking, of course, that will officially inform the public, media, and tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of fans who are excited by this. There is simply no place for emotion. And we place a cause and reason for haste and anxiety.
- Finally, they asked not only successive statements or speculations you would say, was that his desire for a higher salary for the lifting of money, but by United do not like, etc. Ever mentioned it is subject "money" in the operating agreement?
- General topic is not mentioned. And now I'll tell you a little secret of our conversations with Mitko, because we are discussing this issue in principle. Mitko himself if things develop positively and create this opportunity to finish his career at Manchester United as a player, would not put anyEQUIREMENTS that are not feasible for Manchester United. And this in terms of money, let's all be quiet, will be the smallest problem, even I would not call it a problem.

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