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Luis Suarez forecast: Barcelona will beat Real Madrid Messi will shine 

Luis Suarez forecast: Barcelona will beat Real Madrid Messi will shine


Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the first semifinal of the Champions League tonight, but Lionel Messi will decide the clash, said the former striker of Barcelona "Luis Suarez. Although the last two Clasico were very tied, ex-scorer did not expect such a development at the Bernabeu today.
"I think, nevertheless, Barcelona is the favorite. When two games, not one is different. Even for the Cup final saw that it lost in 90 minutes and only in overtime. So I think Barca will now show more, "said Suarez. "Both matches will be very difficult, but I hope to see football, not wrestling."
Jose Mourinho is expected to apply different tactics to cross the excellent input of Barcelona, ​​but according to Suarez, Pep Guardiola will be ready for the challenge.
"Barcelona was surprised by the aggression of the Real. However, I expect to continue to play his football with a very quick passes. Madrid will try to close the spaces, "he analyzed yet.
"Both teams are great and have a world-class stars such as Messi and Ronaldo. From Messi But expect more, and do not think it will confuse those two games. It will be a decision he needs Barcelona, ​​Luis Suarez finished.

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