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Up to 7000 pounds for a ticket for United - Barcelona 

Up to 7000 pounds for a ticket for United - Barcelona


Battle for tickets for the Champions League final at Wembley began as a site in the price of failure for Manchester United - Barcelona came to 7000 pounds.

The semi-finals, Barcelona side Real Madrid and Manchester United Schalke discarded and so the two teams will meet on May 28 in London to determine the new European club champion.

The Red Devils, who typically collect about 74 000 spectators to their matches, received only 25,000 tickets for the game against Barcelona. Because of this and the battle for valuable papers have started to acquire its staggering dimensions.

Uefa has already distributed 25,000 tickets for the "football family" of the plant. Others have made 25,000 tickets to Barcelona, ​​and 11,000 were distributed by lottery at the official website of UEFA.

Official ticket prices start from 80 and go up to 300 pounds. In some sites, however, the black, they reach 7000 pounds.

"To sell tickets in this way is not legal. We will work with the British government to stop this. But it is very difficult to track this phenomenon. We encourage fans to buy tickets only through official channels, "commented by UEFA.

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