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From Barcelona acknowledged: Mourinho has helped us to beat Real 

From Barcelona acknowledged: Mourinho has helped us to beat Real


While a mute, Barcelona made it clear that they have received unexpected help from the enemy in order to eliminate Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League. In the extensive material in the Catalan newspaper El Periodico, "an unnamed assistant coach of Barcelona told details of the kitchen team during the four" Clasico "in the last month.

It is clear from the article that the critical moment for Barcelona was after losing the final of the Copa del Rey in the second game and the first meeting in the Champions League. Then in the camp of "blaugrana" have appeared some doubts in their own forces.

"If Mourinho had come out in the third game with the idea of ​​attacking healthy at least in the initial 20 minutes and his luck had smiled, the eventual goal in us would probably indicate the trend throughout the clash in the Champions League. Such an approach would additionally Real submit doubts in the camp of Barcelona. Only that Ronaldo decided again gave us the ball and to suggest that he would be happy to 0:0. When a tactical structure showed you aim at a zero draw your own terrain and with destructive game, this can not but doubt bring in players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Jozias, Di Maria and Xabi Alonso. So Mourinho literally breathed new life revealed by the staff of Guardiola. However, this behavior of rivals has helped Barcelona to regain his confidence and eventually won the match at the Bernabeu with 2:0.

Despite the success of a foreign land, Guardiola and the company remained cautious before the second leg at Camp Nou. "And here again Mourinho us a hand. It is our neobyasnimo why he put in the starting lineup Kaka and Higuain, who currently are not ready to play matches at such a high level, "added Guardiola's aides told the El Periodico.

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