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Maradona to coach Argentina's new: Probably drunk 

Maradona to coach Argentina's new: Probably drunk


Diego Armando Maradona spoke critically to the new coach of Argentina national soccer team. Local football legend said Sergio Batista is probably "drunk" after not offering a place of Carlos Tevez in the composition of 2-time world champions.

Sergio Batista announced earlier in the week that does not require the services of Tevez, when players play the same positions as Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain.

"You have to be drunk to not call Tevez in the national team. I do not want to hear that you should try out other players. For what it does test question? Everyone has a different style, but I would not bet on Messi as number 9 on the team. What is happening is a shame for Argentinian football. We came back one thousand steps backward and I am ashamed of this, because respect for the national team was thrown through the window, "said the coach of Argentina in World Cup last summer.

Maradona left his position as adviser in the Argentine team after dropping out of the tournament in South Africa and indulge in a long vacation. However, he accepted an offer to you, Al club in the UAE, where there will be restrictions rivlichaneto new players.

"The new club will gain invaluable experience. I am glad that I will work in a country where there are no stars, but on behalf of there growing football club money and working for the interests of their coach. Signed a preliminary contract, but there is still a lot to make this clear, "said 50-year-old Argentine.

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